Balloon Fiesta 2017


     Glowing floating balls of magic that draw you into their magic thrall. Its a thrall that lends to open awed mouths that are followed by wide eyes gazing towards the mystical sight. 
This is my second time at the Balloon Fiesta and the sight of 100's of lit up balloons still has the ability to transport me to a time when enchanted lands were real and my favorite past-time was pretending to live in them.
     We had the pleasure of meeting the crew of the Sanford Children's hospital balloon.  Pilot Olivier let us hop in their balloon to make sure it stayed earth bound as they lit up the sky. It was a magical night and I hope these images transport you there.


James Dean came to the Local Fair


  A sweet sugary smell presses in around me as the scent of spun cotton candy gingerly drifts into my senses. The sizzling sound of batter meeting hot oil and the sight of white powered sugar meeting its fried funnel cake companion is in front of me and all around me is the hypnotic and contagious sound of fun. The local fair is in town and while the majority of the attendees are overpaying for tickets to super-sketch carnival rides I am simply staring dreamy eyed at the picturesque setting before me and all the wonderful potential it holds. 
  Growing up one of my Dad’s favorite movies was American Graffiti. (Think plain white T’s, cruising cars, loads of cigarets, car hops and good old 60’s drama). We watched this movie over and over again. For my Dad I think it stirred memories of “the good ol days.” For me, well I just thought the greasy hair, hopping oldies and muscle cars were great. So when my friend Candice asked me to be join her and another local photographer (Whitney Otte) and shoot for fun at the fair….well this era just came to mind.
 James dean and his rebel attitude and a girl with enough sass to match. Every step of planning this was fun and coming from a non-planner this is saying a lot. The wardrobe was simple and with Kristie Wilson working her makeup and hair magic how could we go wrong. (seriously if I could afford to hire her to live in my house and do my makeup every day I would…you can see more of her work here: KristieWilson)

 Candice and Whitney both styled and planned fair shoots; each shoot true to their individual style and brand. It never ceases to amaze me how creative these two are. How, even given the same setting, an artist still has the ability to create something totally unique to their eye. You can check out Candice’s shoot here: CandiceIlia 
     And Whitney has posted a few of her fair photos on her Instagram account here: WhitneyOtte 
     Both these ladies are MAD talented. I learn something every time I’m around them and I am beyond grateful for the creative community they’ve provided.
    Candice, The Yin to my Yang. I’ve never met another photographer who shoots more opposite than I do (so much so that they are the perfect balance for me to shoot with ;p). Every time I shoot with you I am reminded to work for the “one” shot, to take my time and make sure my vision is in front of me before I click my shutter. Watching you, shooting along side you, I have learned to find a strong vision in every shoot and keep that sniper focus on my end goal. To broaden my horizons and keep a spirit that is easily teachable so no opportunity to grow passes me by.
   Yours is an eye that aims for perfection and strength and your heart is ever soft and open. From the bottom of my heart I want to say, “Thank you”. Thank you for the way you passionately welcomed me into our little community. For being ever open handed with tips, tricks or “secret’s” you know. Your open book attitude and willingness to include any artist, no matter their level, is what truly made Clovis start to feel like home.

     Whitney,  My little dark haired but bright fire cracker. From you I’ve learned grit. That intangible trait that fires a person’s will. The one that turns stubbornness into a virtue as it propels a person through adversity and trials.  I’ve watched you pursue your passion for photography with a grit that the ‘greats’ possess.
  You, my friend, are an inspiration. I don’t know how you come up with half the ideas you have but every time I see your work my heart sighs a deep “YAASSS!” quickly followed by a “GET IT GURL”.  Thank you for reminding me what chasing a dream looks like. And most importantly that sometimes following that dream will take the glorious and gritty stubbornness of passionate dreamer. 

I love you both with all my heart! (and Valon & Sam I can't wait to shoot you again ;p. You two beyond killed this shoot and brought everything to life! #ANTM ;p).


Flower Buds & Baby Bumps


    You know that feeling when you make a new friend, the one that transports you back to your first day of school. When that new girl grabs your hand and the interlocking of your fingers signifies that not even the losing of your new BFF necklace will separate you. The excitement of the natural "click", the one that happens when you meet a new kindred spirit. Well, this gal is one such friend. When I met her it was all butterflies and unhindered expressions of joy (AND she's a neighbor! It's the best). Every time I walk to her house I feel my inner 8 year old self skipping with glee. That younger me recalling the hard-paved but very familiar way down the street- exactly one house- to see my favorite person (Shannon you know who I'm talking about ;p). The house you simply walk in because you know the door code (or its just unlocked ha) and even if you don't know where the person is, it is ok because their house is kinda your second home.
     World, meet two of my favorite neighbors and their adorable to be beautiful baby bump, who just arrived ahead of schedule this Monday, Claire.

     We started this session at the beautiful Hamilton's Nursery. (You can read more about them on their Facebook page here: Hamilton Providence Garden Inc. ). This Nursery is the loveliest little oasis, owned and ran by the loveliest of owners, right in the heart of Clovis. If you haven't checked them out I highly recommend it.
We finished up by heading to the outskirts of town. 
Giant rolling clouds began leaking their stored waters, announcing the end to our session. But even the cold rain couldn't damper the anticipating smiles of these two. 
    Sweet friends, I can't wait watch you slip on the cloak of mother/father hood and begin this life changing adventure. You guys are gonna rock it like you've rocked just about everything life has handed you. Til we walk again.